// Tips To Make Your Small Rooms Appear Bigger



Tips To Make Your Small Rooms Appear Bigger


Do you have a small room in your home that is lacking the love and attention that it deserves? Smaller rooms can often be overlooked and end up being relegated to a storage room or make shift walk in wardrobe. This doesn’t have to be the case though, here are some decoration tips to allow you to fully utilise the space in a smaller room.

Keep It Light

When decorating a small room you should always bear its lighting in mind as dark colours and a lack of natural light can make it appear even smaller than it is. Don’t just rely on overhead lights but try to include strategically placed lamps and wall lights to get rid of any dark, shadowy spaces and breath light into the entire room.

You should also make the most of natural light from the windows by replacing heavy, dark coloured curtains with lighter blinds. Natural light can make a huge difference in any room and create the illusion of extra space, connecting it with the outside world making it feel more open. Similarly you should try and use light coloured paint, wallpapers and wood throughout the room to create a sense of space and you don’t have to limit yourself to white, light shades of blue, green and grey also work very well.

De Clutter

This one’s pretty obvious but you would be surprised at how many small spaces are made to appear even more limited by the clutter that they have built up. De cluttering your room doesn’t just mean keeping clothes and toys off the floor; your walls can be over clustered too. Try not to hang too many pictures on the wall as this will draw the eye towards them all and make the room fell a bit too busy.

It’s a good idea to create one focal point within the room that will draw the eye, so if it’s a bedroom that your decorating this will most likely be the bed. Make sure to keep the floor as cluster free as possible and cut down on needless excess tables and chairs that are taking up space. You can replace an unused desk or seat with a small rug, which will once again create the illusion of extra space in the room.

Add Stripes or Patterns

There are 2 styles of wallpaper, which are great for making a room appear bigger. These are vertical stripes and patterns. Vertical stripes make the ceiling appear to be higher which is great for any small room. When using vertical stripes you should avoid using colours that clash with each other too much and instead opt for more subtle tones that won’t appear cluttered when presented together.

It may seem a bit strange to add attention grabbing patterned wallpaper to your small sized room but it can actually add a sense of depth to the room that really takes your mind of its size. Choosing the right pattern is important; you don’t want it to be too busy so choose smaller patterns that will fully utilise your limited space. A good tip is to only wallpaper one of the walls in the room; this will avoid clustering while still allowing the room to have some added character.

Clever Storage

Floating shelves in small room eliminates the need for chunky cabinets and bookcases plus they look great. Don’t overlook your corners when adding shelving to your room. You can use wrap-around shelving to ensure that all of the space available in the corners is utilised creating more space in the rest of the room. You can also use your walls to hang things that would otherwise be taking up space on kitchen and bathroom counters or bedside tables. If you’re decorating a bedroom then try hanging your jewellery up on the wall as a display piece. You can do the same with cooking utensils in the kitchen by hanging them from your cupboards and freeing up space at the counter level.

Amongst these ideas try adding mirrors to the room to reflect the light and create a sense of extra space and smaller furniture is always a good idea in a room with limited space. You might be surprised at just how much of a difference these decoration tips can make to the smaller rooms in your home.

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