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Style Advice For New Builds


Buying a new home can be a daunting and stressful experience and that’s just the financial and legal side of things. When it comes to decorating your new house you will face a whole new set of challenges as you try to create your very own style for each room. Let’s take a look at how you can create a style for your new home to make it your very own.


The great thing about new builds is that you will have a blank canvas to use in terms of your walls. New builds will usually be painted in light, neutral colours such as shades of white and cream. This is a great base to work from so you can add your own colours to each room and even keep the original colours in places. You could even opt to keep the original colour for your living room and if you want to add some extra colour to it you could add brighter wallpaper to one of the walls. The main wall where the fireplace is featured is often the best wallpaper as it is the main focal point of the room.

If you’re not sure where to start with painting your home then begin with one of the smaller rooms of the house such as the small bedroom, bathroom or hall area. This way you can test your skills and paint a small area quickly so you can see you results straight away. Taking on the task of painting every room straight away is a big task so instead start small and build your way up over time.


Again for a new build it’s more than likely that your living and bedrooms will be carpeted in a neutral colour. If you want to keep the original carpets then you can add some colour to the room by adding a rug with contrasting colours. Alternatively you can ask the builders to leave the carpet off a couple of the rooms and have a joiner lay down some wooden flooringThis will give the new house some variety as some rooms will be carpeted, some tiled and possibly the living room and master bedroom can be wooden.


If you haven’t been given exact measurements for your new home you should make sure to visit the house or at least a show house before ordering your sofas. the last thing you want is to order a sofa and find that it’s too big for the room and shutting off access to doors. Once you have decided on the colour of your walls and floors then it should make it easier for you to choose your sofa. For example if you choose a dark wood floor for your living room then a light coloured sofa would be the best choice for you and you can then choose complimentary styles and colours of your tables and fixtures to go along with it.

The kitchen table is a very important piece of furniture for any house. It’s where you will have most of your meals, sit and relax with a cup of tea and provides a focal point for the family. Therefore it’s worth spending some time choosing the perfect one for you. As most kitchens in new builds are ultra modern looking a great design tip is to choose a wooden dining table to contrast with the slick tiles and surfaces.

No matter what style decisions you make always keep in mind that it’s your home and you should enjoy decorating and stamping your own personality on it.

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