// How To Make Your Home More Luxurious



How To Make Your Home More Luxurious


We would all love to live in more luxury but it can be hard to know where to begin transforming your home or decorating a new one to give it that feel of class and sophistication. Here are some interior design tips to help you make your home more luxurious.

Make An Entrance

No matter what size your hallway is, it is an opportunity for your home to exude luxuriousness from the very first moment you walk through the door. Start with the floor and work your way up. Tiles or dark wooden floors are ideal for luxurious hallways as carpet and lighter woods are hard to maintain and as a lot of traffic tends to pass through them you will want to keep it as clean and fresh looking as possible.

Utilise mirrors and lamps in your hallway to generate as much light as possible, which will open up the space and make it appear bigger. As the hallway is a visitor’s first impression of your house’s style you should make sure that there is a specific centrepiece that immediately draws the eye. This could be a piece of wall art an ornament or even statuette that creates a sense of grandeur.

Live In Style

The living room is your home’s centrepiece, the room that sets the tone for the rest of the house. Therefore it’s important to get its style just right. Start with the fireplace. Often a chunky fireplace can over dominant the room leaving it feeling clustered. Do away with your old fireplace and add a lean wood burner instead. This is just as practical as a traditional fire with the added advantage of looking great and allowing for a more minimal design.

Next, focus on your curtains. The quality and style of your curtains can dictate the overall feel of the room and choosing the right fabric is important. Get your curtains tailor made for your living room as budget one size fits all curtains can end up looking cheap and either too long or too short. A useful tip is to place the curtain pole high on the wall to make the ceilings appear higher.

Your Bathroom Sanctuary

Your bathroom offers you a unique opportunity to create a haven within your home where you can go to relax and forget about the outside world for a while. You should make the most of this opportunity and take inspiration from luxurious bathrooms you have seen in hotels and spas. You will want to have a glass enclosed shower as well as a separate bath depending on your mood and the time you have.

The addition of another sink will give you your own space with all of your products so the sink area wont be crowded. Install a large mirror which covers both sink areas and keep this area stocked with luxury soaps and hand towels to give it an authentic hotel feel. Place plenty of candles around the bathtub and add a light dimmer to really set the mood. A wireless sound system is the ideal cherry on the cake to allow you to drift away listening to your favourite music while having a bath.

Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

It can be tempting to skimp on your bedroom decor as it is one room that visitors will not see but for your home to feel luxurious it should make you feel great and so you should ensure that your main bedroom is as grand as you deserve it to be.

The key to creating a luxury bedroom is to make the bed the focal point of the room. Ensure that the bed is centred in the room and that you have a beside cabinet on each side of it. Once again make sure that the room is well illuminated so have a lamp on each cabinet and on your desk if you have one. A stylish fabric chair is a great addition to any bedroom as it is practical and looks great. If your bedroom has a wooden floor then consider adding a large rug just at the foot of the bed.

To keep your bedroom looking classy and unfussy you should keep your TV hidden out of sight when it’s not being used. You can use an armoire for this purpose and it doubles as a closet for your clothes as well.

What room would you start with on your road to luxury?