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How to Create Timeless Home Decor Design


Have you ever looked at homes in magazines and online and thought that it was impossible for you to achieve their timeless style, at least on a realistic budget? Putting together the right home décor which wont look dated in a few years is a difficult task but there are ways to create a truly timeless home décor design. So how can you achieve this?

Avoid Fads

The first step to creating a timeless interior design is to avoid fads that are destined to only last a matter of months or at most a year or too. Fads can include certain types of ceiling lights that happen to be “in right now”, wallpapering just one wall and re-purposed industrial furniture may well fall into this category in the future. So what can you do to avoid this trap?

Keep It Simple

To achieve a timeless look you need to choose classic colour schemes as well as materials. It’s often the case that keeping your design simple allows it to maintain a classic, timeless look. The more you have going on in your décor, the more chance there is off some of it going out of style. Don’t get too busy with your décor and materials and try to keep furniture in proportion. Oversized, clunky furniture is a sure fire way to make your décor look dated a little down the line. Keep your furniture the right size to be functional and appropriate to the room without overpowering it.

Tip: Dark wood floors and plain white or cream walls are renown for maintaining a classic look that remains in fashion no matter what else is on trend.

Be Natural

The key to adding a timeless feel to your home décor is utilising natural materials throughout your home. Stone, woods, cottons, silks and even bricks can form the foundation around which you can design your interiors. While still being mindful that less is more for a timeless design, try to use natural resources throughout each room. It makes sense to rely on rich woods and stone, after all we have been using these materials for centuries and they haven’t gone out of style yet so they are a pretty safe bet.

Neutral Colours

Most home décor designs that achieve the timeless look have something in common, neutral colours. Neutral colours are traditional and they also don’t overpower the room, which is very important. Light colours such as white, cream and grays provide a great contrast to darker traditional wooden and stone fixtures to create a classic feel.

What would you do to achieve timeless home décor design in your home?