// Dark & Dusty To A Glorious Retreat



Dark & Dusty To A Glorious Retreat


Turn your bathroom’s look around!


Nowadays we all want to take pride in our homes and stay away from those out dated looks that can sometimes be real eye sores. We find it difficult to remodel our bathrooms to get the right look. It is a task that cannot be taken lightly as we all know; tempers can elevate quickly and easy to lose sight of the end result. But not to worry, we have compiled a few decorating tips to make this process a lot easier and you will have an appealing bathroom in no time.

Modern Look

What to lighten up your bathrroom? There are several ways to achieve this. Try and use the contrasts between one pattern and a few colours. Adding a main colour and two other accent colours can give a great affect to any room.

It should never be overdone; however, lighting is especially important to any room. A dark room will not give you the same elusion as a bright colourful room. Creating a backdrop is a great idea – It doesn’t cost that much to make a real difference and you can easily accomplish this buy putting lights around a mirror above your sink.

Fashionable But Straightforward

This is by far my favourite look. Instead of using paint, why not opt for a stylish wall paper. Now, I don’t mean plaster it on EVERY wall (well you can if you want), but a feature wall can really give the elusion of a glamorous look. Floral wall art is becoming increasingly popular and you can find one for every mood and style that you’re going for in the room.

A Transitional Bathroom

As seen on glamorous TV shows, this new style is usually used in master bathrooms but you don’t have to stick to just one bathroom. This look can be achieved in any bathroom in the whole house. And more than likely, you already have everything you need so it won’t break your bank.

You firstly need to start with a core colour. If your cash flow can’t go very far it is a good idea to use a colour that is already there and this will save you a lot of time. However, if you prefer to have a fresh, new look – select a different leading colour and use the existing colour for accenting.

If your bathroom is a little on the small side, try adding tiling around your mirror (which of course would compliment your paint colours) and this will draw the eye.

If it is all too much on the walls for you, create the style you want with furniture. A cute side table with a mirror placed on top can you give you that stunning look you’re looking for. Any time of the year, you can add some flowers to brighten up the place.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be the place you go just to wash – make it the best looking room in the house! As you’ve guessed it, it’s one of the most visited by guest so whatever you choose to do with your bathroom make it your own.

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