// Choosing Where To Place Your TV In The Home



Choosing Where To Place Your TV In The Home


If you are decorating your new home then one of the very first thoughts that will spring to mind is where to place your TV. Let’s face it, for most of us the TV is the most important object in the living room and often acts as its centrepiece, however this doesn’t mean that it has to dominate the room or that it needs to be placed in the same area of every room.

Open Your Mind

If your home is a new build then you are at an advantage as you can place the TV points anywhere you like in each room. Most TV points will be placed in the corner of the room which may be fine but what about hanging your TV on your main wall above the fireplace? This really opens the room up creating space for an extra seat or bigger sofa while avoiding the more common feature of the TV in the corner on top of a cabinet or entertainment centre.

Hide It From View

If you don’t want your TV becoming the main focus of the room then why not hide it? A storage unit with sliding doors is perfect for this and it will work equally as well in a bedroom as it will in the living room. This is particularly useful if you’re not a huge TV watcher and prefer to read instead or have your living room act as more of a conversation area. That way you can keep the living room free of the distraction of a TV when you want while still having it available when you want to watch it.

Include It In Your Decor

Instead of viewing your TV as something separate to the decor of your room you should consider it as part of the room’s design. Using the example of having your TV mounted on your living room wall, you could surround it by picture frames to make it appear is if it is a piece of art tied in with all the others.

Accent Your Wall

If you are afraid that your TV will stick out like a sore thumb in your chic look room then fear not, there is a way around that. Distressed wooden panels are in style right now and if you hang one on your wall and then place your TV on it it will soften the contrast with the rest of the room and act as an interesting decoration piece.

You should always remember that when it comes to decorating your home and choosing where to place your TV there are no rights and wrongs, go with your instincts and what works for your space.

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