// 7 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors



7 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors


We all know how valuable an addition mirrors can be in any room but most of us hang them in the same places and styles which makes them go unnoticed and unappreciated. Here are 4 ways to decorate your home with mirrors in a unique way.

Mirrors on cabinets

If you have a small kitchen or you just want to add something different to the room, why not try mirrors on your cabinets? This unique piece of decor will open up any cramped kitchen spaces and brighten the room up at the same time.

On A Window

If you are faced with the opposite problem and find that one of your rooms is too big then hanging a mirror in an unusual place can help to make it appear to be a more intimate space. Some interior designers recommend hanging a round shaped mirror on a large window. This creates a focus point for the eye and limits the space which is particularly useful for windows over looking large spacious external areas as it allows the eye to stop at that point.

Le There Be Light

Have you got a particularly dark area of the house such as a dining room that is crying out for some light? If there is little or no natural light in your dining room then the addition of a mirror to reflect the light from candles or a lamp can breath new life into the room and create a whole new ambience.

Strength In Numbers

Another way to make mirrors the focal point of the room is to group them together on the same wall. For this to work you should use at least 6 mirrors of all different shapes and sizes. This will give the wall a unique collector’ feel while serving the usual brightening and space creating values that all mirrors bring.