// 6 Design Tips To Improve Any Living Room



6 Design Tips To Improve Any Living Room


If you are moving into a new house or just want to update your current living room it can be hard to know where to start and how to apply all of your ideas. We have put together 6 useful tips to help you to improve your living room interior design whether you’re starting from scratch or just making a few adjustments.

Commit To A Style

Most of us will choose a design style for our living room such as contemporary, retro, minimalist or traditional and use that as the basis of the room’s design and decor. This is good however, then we can become a little distracted with new ideas and additions leaving the room looking and feeling a little confused as to which style it belongs to. Pick a style early on and try to stick to it with your choices of colour, fabrics and furniture to give it a much more consistent feel.

Some Tricks For The Eye

If your living room is a little on the small size then consider adding a few optical illusions to trick the eye such as adding vertically striped wallpaper, floor to ceiling curtains and taller lamps. Mirrors are also a great addition to any living room space as it will make smaller rooms appear to be bigger and reflect the light around larger rooms making them brighter. Light poured resin floors are a great way to make a room appear to be much larger as the light colour will reflect the natural light around the room.

Consistent Colours

Much like sticking to a style, it’s also important to stick to a particular colour palette. You can choose to have a light, spacious feeling room or a louder more vibrant mix of colours but it’s important not to mix the two concepts. You can of course add splashes of other colours into your light living room but just ensure that they are within the palette of your walls and sofas otherwise it could end up looking a bit too busy.

Be Practical

Don’t let the design and aesthetics of your living room get in the way of it’s function as a room to live in and enjoy. A great example of this is to ensure that your coffee table is in reach of the sofa so that it can actually be used. If you have to stand up and walk over to it to set your drink down then it’s not really serving its purpose.

Create A Focal Point

If you don’t have a fireplace in your living room then you can create a focal point within the room with either an art piece or large mirror on the wall where the fireplace would have been. If your living room has an especially big window then you can make that the room’s focal point. Try adding a window valance, which will immediately draw the eye and make your window area really stand out.

Think Twice About Your Seating

A common mistake that people make is to have either too much furniture in their living room or to have it in the wrong places. I know you probably have visions about hosting huge parties and family functions but think realistically about how many seats you actually need in your living room. Perhaps you could have a 2-seater sofa instead of 3 and an individual chair in the corner instead of another sofa. Another tip is to pull your furniture out from the walls a bit, this will make your seating area feel more social.

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