// 5 DIY Home Decoration Tricks



5 DIY Home Decoration Tricks


Thinking about doing a bit of DIY decorating around the house this winter? If so then here are 5 helpful tricks for you to try your hand at. They’re easy and inexpensive and you may be surprised at just how much they can transform the look and feel of your home.

Crackle Finishing

Crackle finishing has become very popular amongst DIY designers in recent years as it’s a quick and relatively cheap way to create your own “antiquey” looking furniture. Finding the right antique furniture to suit your home can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack so being able to create the look yourself on an item of your choice is very appealing.


Stencilling is a true DIY decorator’s dream tool to use as it allows you to create patterns and designs to a professional standard while still affording you the freedom of planning them where you like and as often as you like. With the wide range of stencils available you are sure to find the perfect pattern to reflect your style and personality. If you’re not spraying onto the stencil then remember to use a specialist stencil brush to avoid making mistakes and running over the edges.

Fabric Graphics

This one’s a bit scary at first but once you get the right tools for the job it can produce amazing results. For this you will need a nonslip ruler and good quality felt tip pens. These can be used on a range of fabrics around the house such as cushion covers, sofas, bed sheets, lamp shades etc. to create your very own designs. This way you can add stripes and boxes to your otherwise plain fabrics. If you want to get even more create you can use your stencils again for more complex designs.

Interior Curtains

Do you have an all in one kitchen and dining area? If so then a great tip to separate them is to add a curtain to run on a rail across the room. That way you can have the space when you need it and close off the kitchen area when cooking. Just remember to keep the material of the curtain light so it doesn’t block out too much light and hold in the smells of the kitchen for too long.

Space Creating Shelving

Got a narrow living room? Try running a shelf along its length, this will give an illusion of extra width. Reclaimed timber is a great material for this as it’s cheap enough for you to get the length that you need and it looks great in most surroundings. You should ensure that you sand the wood down first as it will most likely be rough and uneven, then just varnish or paint to suit your requirements.

These are just a few DIY home decoration tricks you can easily apply to your own homes. Which one do you think would suit your home best?

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